Would you like fries with that?

Hello out there!  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.  I am trying to post fairly often, it may be food or it may be fashion.  I do need to post more on the spark plugs side of things.  I will try to get some tips together and do a post about vehicle maintenance soon.  :)

This post is going to be about the glorious CHEESEBURGER!   My husband loves them, therefore I am forever trying to come up with a new and exciting way to make them.  Today's burger will include homemade fries, right there on the burger.  I have seen fries put onto a burger on some of the cooking channels, but I have never tried it for myself.  Turns out, it's kinda cool.

So here is the little guy we are talking about.  He has Miracle Whip, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, purple onion, cheddar and Gouda cheeses on a grilled, hand pattied burger, sesame seed bun and.....homemade french fries!  
First of all, it is hard to beat a good ole fried tater.  You just can't hardly mess them up, unless you burn them, so don't do that.  

To make these fries, I cut some russet potatoes into thin strips and fried them in a little vegetable oil in a cast iron skillet over medium high heat, adding a dash of salt and pepper.  I fried them while I was grilling the burgers, so that they would be done at about the same time.  If you make them too far ahead of time, they may get soggy, although sometimes I like soggy fries.  :)

I added all of the basic burger ingredients, but you can be as wild as you want with your toppings.  Some other toppings to try would be BBQ sauce, ranch dressing (I LOVE fat free Hidden Valley ranch), honey mustard or even 1000 Island dressing.  

So just go wild and have your burger and fries right there under the same bun!  Enjoy and buh-bye for now!  :)


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