Rainy day burrito recipe!

Buenos Dias!  I have for you a yummy burrito recipe!  I have been meaning to attempt the photo recipe thing for a while now.  Yesterday, while making beef and bean burritos at home, I decided to take photos during the whole cooking process.  I have seen this done and love it!  And, since I seldom write down my recipes, this is a great way to bring them together.

Since we are expecting about 4 inches of rain here today, and it will be quite a boring work day, I am going to try to bring the recipe back to life.

These are refried bean, cheese and beef burritos and are yummy!

First, you will need a large skillet, about 3 tablespoons of oil, and one half of a large onion chopped.  Saute the onions over medium heat until slightly browned and translucent.  They were almost ready in this photo.
Now, add a small package of ground chuck and begin browning it with the onions.
While browning the meat, add in 2 teaspoons of chili powder.  Note: if you want them to be hot and spicy, also add some cayenne, a teaspoon would probably do it.
One teaspoon of cumin.
One small can of chopped green chiles.
One teaspoon of diced garlic.
Add a dash of salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes more, until all of the meat is browned well.  If you used a fatty meat, you may want to drain some of the grease from the pan.  

Next, you will need a package of large flour burrito shells, a can of refried beans and some shredded cheese (I used a four cheese Mexican blend).  Lay one shell on a large plate and spread a small amount of beans toward one end of the shell.  Then add some of your burrito meat mixture and top with some shredded cheese.  I added a few drops of hot sauce because the hubs likes his hot.  I don't like the burn of hot sauce, so mine stays naked. 
Next, you will roll the short end over the meat, tuck the corners in and roll the long end over, then it will look like this:
Now, spray a small skillet with nonstick spray and heat over medium low.  Cook the burrito on both sides until lightly browned.
Looking pretty tan!

Now top with whatever your heart desires.  I use a red enchilada sauce (I have made my own, but the canned kind is pretty hard to beat), more cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fat free sour cream and black olives.

Holler if you have any questions or if I made a boo-boo.  I am very capable of those.  :)


  1. Good job, Jill! Next thing we know, you'll be as popular as Pioneer Woman!

  2. Thanks so much Vettie Lou! I love the whole cooking and photographing process, it really de-stresses me after a long day at work. Of course, I have to go out to eat at least once a week to get ideas. ;)


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