Pretzel coated baked chicken nuggets

                                                                                                          These were some WoNdErFuL chicken nuggets....

Sunday...Funday...I tend to do too much on Sunday and make Monday very difficult to endure.  Today however, I was able to make myself slow down and have a long enjoyable lazy day.  It was soo nice and soo needed.

I ended the day with making some pretzel coated chicken nuggets that I had been eyeballing in a small cooking booklet that I bought at a yard sale for 10 cents.  The resulting chicken was mouth watering delicious.   I am so glad I bought that little booklet!   
These little nuggets will now be on my permanent cooking list.   They were sooo tasty and actually pretty darn healthy because they were baked.  

The easy way to post the recipe was to just take a picture of the booklet, so here it is.  

This was my dipping line up....

And this was the little nuggets, ready for the oven.  The recipe says 10-12 minutes.  I like to know my chicken is DONE, so I cooked them for more like 20 minutes.

I will definitely experiment with this recipe.  I think these would even be good dipped in ranch dressing or maybe even BBQ sauce instead of the honey mustard.  The pretzel coating was really nice.

Love what you eat and eat what you love!   :)


  1. Looks good Jill...I will definately try.

    1. Thanks Penny! Baked is so much healthier than fried, and these were better than any baked I have tried. :)


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