Seersucker...Oh...that's what it is.

They say you are never to old to learn.   I like learning new words and trying to use them in conversation but being from the South, I tend to talk pretty countrified most of the time.    At the risk of using a fancy word improperly, I sometimes just skip it and use a word I am more familiar with.

One word I recently learned the meaning of is SEERSUCKER.  Once you know what it is, there is no issue, but until you do, the word is kinda strange.  Well at least to me it seemed strange.  I had heard the word before, but I never knew what the heck it meant. 

So I will show you a photo example, which always helps me remember a word more readily..

The fabric of this dress I am wearing is SEERSUCKER. 

Seersucker is a light fabric that has a crinkled texture to it, the most common version being the blue and white pinstripe that I am wearing.

I probably should have known this before I was 40, but hey, you are never to old to learn.  

I happen to absolutely LOVE this outfit.  I have never worn this tube dress, and I have had it for almost 10 years, yeah...TEN.  I bought it at Rue 21 when it was located at a completely different location than it is now.  I finally found the perfect Abercrombie shirt to wear under it and a Rue 21 belt from last year.  After I put it together, it was comfortable, and I just adored it!

They say to clean out your closet at least once a year and get rid of the things you have not worn in that year.  I am a fashion pack rat.  I  make it a point to try and maintain my same weight, that way I can keep my clothes for years and they still fit.  This dress is a perfect example.  I knew ONE day, I was going to find the right accessories and wear it!  

Shoes, dress and belt are Rue 21.

Shirt is Abercrombie.  

Bruise on leg is from working on a tire at the shop.  I fixed it but got me a bruise.  :)

Always remember to wear what makes you feel happy.  If I am wearing something I don't feel comfortable in, it just puts me in a FUNK.  

I'm not always in fashion, but as long as I like it, I wear it.  

So go forth and wear your SEERSUCKER with joy!

Until next time...which may involve any of the three...FOOD, FASHION or SPARK PLUGS.  


  1. Love the outfit and the story of Seersucker! Maintaining the weight is fine until around 50. Dang 12 pounds jumped on and will not leave!

    1. Cool! Robert Ell Hurt has a seersucker suit. Cute outfit. I Love You!

    2. Thanks Selina. ;) I hate that you have stubborn pounds hanging on. It is tougher every year. A pound or 2 a year will be 10 or 20 pounds in 10 years. Ahh, the joys of aging. :)

    3. hehe, Penny, not too many men could pull off a seersucker suit, but he has always been preppy/elegant, so I think he could give it a shot. I don't think I will buy Eric one any time soon. hehe. Love you!


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