Cheese stuffed burgers..

The husband was craving a grilled burger and had decided to make it himself because I was working in the yard.

For starters, this is something he NEVER does.  I always do the cooking and grilling, but I was determined to pull all of the grass out of my front flower bed.

I came up with a compromise.  
You pull the weeds (also not one of his favorite tasks, hehe), and I will grill you some burgers!

I wanted to make the burger special since he would be working hard, so I decided to stuff it with cheese!

I have come up with a favorite way to make my burgers very thin in order to stuff them with cheese.  I use wax paper sprayed with nonstick cooking spray and put the patty onto the paper.

Fold the paper over and SQUASH it with your hand.  
Make sure that the whole thing is about the same thickness, you can feel it through the paper.  

Now, open it up, sprinkle with some salt and pepper and put the cheese in the middle...

Then fold all of the edges up and make a sealed patty around the cheese.

Now it is ready to grill.  Just grill like you would a normal burger, except you may want the heat just a tad lower so that they cook through without burning the outside first.

Here they are on the grill almost is okay if some of the cheese drips out.  The better you seal the patty, the less it should though.

I even added some grilled bacon on there since EVERYTHING is better with bacon.

I topped it with an extra slice of cheese and loaded it up.  I also added some sweet potato fries that 
I found frozen at Kroger.  
They are tasty.  You can either bake or fry them.

Love what you eat and eat what you love!   :)


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