Vacation in the mountains.

 Last week, this was the waterfall that was just a 10 minute hike from our anniversary vacation cabin in North Carolina.   It was the most amazingly relaxing weekend ever!   

Basically, all we did was a little sightseeing and alot of hiking and exploring.

We passed this huge motorcycle on the side of the road.  They let you take your picture on it for donating to breast cancer.  I donated and hopped was just too funny!

This is the secluded cabin we stayed in. It was awesome!

I did a little grilling while we were there.  I grilled cornish hens for the first time and they were very yummy.  They will definitely be on my menu again soon!

I also grilled steaks and tilapia one night.  We ate them by the creek that you can see in the background.  It was wonderful!

I even grilled my asparagus over the charcoal....will be doing that again as well!

The weather for the trip could not have been more perfect.  It was in the 40's at night and about 70 during the day.  The cool nights made the hot tub feel great, and the daytime was perfect for hiking!   We did see a couple of snakes...almost stepped on one.  That part I could have done without, but the rest was absolutely my kind of vacation!

Here is me beside the fun!

I came back completely least for a day or 2.  ;)


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