The sparkle top fashion remake!

I have seen this look recently on Pinterest and decided to try it on for size.

I love the look of the sparkle underneath a jacket and since spring is FINALLY going to bring its wonderful warmness, I figured I better wear the jacket while I still can!

Here are a couple of inspiration photos that I found on Pinterest to show the look that I wanted.

I just really think this is a casual but snazzy look for late spring. 

I tend to stay cold when the weather is changing, so the jacket 
worked out great!

The lighting is terrible in my house, but you can get the idea.

I was debating if the earrings were too much sparkle, but they matched really well and didn't seem like too much since I was not wearing a necklace.

Here is the headless version in my closet with a little different lighting.  

This top is really long, so I tucked it in.  It is a sheer tank that I think will look really good in the summer with a tank underneath.

My outfits really affect/reflect my mood. 
 If I wear an outfit that I like,
 I am a happier me!
Wear what makes you feel good!  


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the sparkly top and how you have styled the outfit!

    Sita xx

    1. Thanks so much! I will check out your blog, Buttons Apart! :)


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