Bring on some boot socks and scarves...

 I am not a winter person.
I love the changing leaves and the crisp fall mornings but do not look forward to the ice cold mornings and dreary leafless trees.

I have to admit I am excited about the clothing changes that the cold brings.  Scarves, boots, jackets, boot socks, and jeans.
I am ready for that change at least.
I have already been playing in my closet and have found some outfits that I just loved!

This post also included some experimenting with new camera angles to get outfit pictures, so bear with me.
I have been seeing different angles on Pinterest, and I love this downward look.  

I also have talked the hubby into taking a few.  I can't get him to take very many, so they are very unscripted.  Here is one he took, he insisted on getting a picture of the back pocket on my jeans, we both like the flaps.

And here is a indoor pic, same outfit, different scarf.  I was debating on which I liked best.  Sorry about the potatoes in the parents had just brought me some from Sam's.  

The blue scarf is not actually an infinity scarf.  I tied the ends in the back and made it look like one, a great tip I got from Pinterest last year.  If you have longer hair, it helps because it covers up the tied ends.

With all the different clothing options, I guess I can survive one more winter, or at least until I can win the lottery and move to Hawaii.

Rock on with yo' bad self.


  1. SUPER CUTE!! I love the socks and boots!


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