My first shiitakes, some awesome cabbage and tilapia!

I have learned that there is never a food that you cannot GROW to love.  Growing up, I HATED many foods.   I loathed celery and, I loooove them.  Never, ever, ever say ANYTHING.  I thought celery AND mushrooms tasted like dirt and were nasty.  That was the young and stupid me.  I have opened myself up to new and exciting flavors!  Well, maybe it was not that dramatic, but man...I was missing some awesome flavors!

This brings me to my latest endeavor.   Shiitake mushrooms!  Turns out, they are delicious!  I have never eaten them, much less cooked them.  I did a little investigating and decided to saute them with a bit of olive oil and after cooling a bit, top them with some fat free sour cream and let it meld.

I read that the stems of shiitake mushrooms are very woody and should be discarded or kept to be used for soups later.  I took the stems off and sliced the cute little shrooms.  

I also made some delish roasted cabbage with olive oil and Greek seasoning.  You cannot go wrong with roasting veggies.  I cooked this cabbage at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes.  Use your judgement, if it is cooking too fast, turn it down.   I started at 450 and it was too much, so I varied from 425 to 400 for the rest of the cooking time.  Just don't let it burn and you will be good.  If it is cooking too fast, add a bit of water to the pan, and it will slow the whole thing down and add a bit of steam also. 

Next was the tilapia.  You cannot go wrong with simply soaking it in a bit of soy sauce and then grilling it. But, take my can only flip it ONE time.  It is a very delicate fish.  Spray it with cooking spray and place it on a hot grill.  Just let it cook about 5 minutes on one side and when you think it is half cooked, spray the next side and CAREFULLY flip it to the other side.  Cook it for about 3-5 more minutes and take it off the grill.  It will melt in your mouth!

To finalize, I added some fat free sour cream and parsley to the shiitake mushrooms and heated it slightly in a small pan.  I then placed it on the tilapia and plated some of the cabbage.  I gave it all a good sprinkling of soy, just because I like it soo much!  The results were super healthy and completely SUPER TASTY.  I was licking my plate with the results.  I kept just enough shiitake mushrooms to make a pizza soon because I found an awesome looking recipe from Martha Stewart.  She may be an ex-convict, but woman knows how to cook.  ;)

Love what you eat and eat what you love!   :)


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