Fresh shrimp attempt. Brutally honest.

So the husband decided to throw me a curve ball...FRESH GULF SHRIMP....

I looooove a challenge.  Especially a food one.

My first thought when seeing these fresh from the Gulf shrimp was...YIKES they are looking at me!

I have always bought frozen, nice and easy shrimp...thaw them.. skewer them.. grill them shrimp.

These fresh dudes have heads and tails and all that poopie stuff.   Sorry for the details.

Everyone has their way of handling and cooking them.  I just had to study online methods and recipes them develop my strategy.

First, for me...the poopie intestines thing has to come out (aka deveining).  A nice Youtube video or 4 allowed me to learn a toothpick method and also a cut and pull method.  I won't go into details because Youtube is your best bet here.

Some say don't take out the intestines, here is my pic, and I would take them out again next time....

As far as cooking, I wanted to do the WHOLE SHRIMP thing, so I did that.
After deveining, I sauteed them in a skillet, a method that I found online.

I also decided that I wanted to add FRESHLY diced garlic to the shrimp.  From that experiment, I can tell you that VAMPIRES will NOT be stopping at my house any time soon.  Also, you may want to keep your distance at the grocery store if you see me there tomorrow...I will be the shrimpie garlic gal.  :) is a big ole pile of the little guys...eyeballs and all, before cooking...

Here is the saute that I got for them...

1/2 cup Worcestershire
2 T lemon juice
2 big dashes of Greek seasoning
2 big dashes of Old Bay seasoning
1 T fresh finely diced garlic

Heat to medium high and add the shrimp...they only take about 1-2 minutes on the first side...

Then flip!

Now add a stick of butter and lower the heat to medium, stirring often....the recipe called for 3 sticks!!!   One is plenty!

Let the butter melt, but just cook a couple of minutes...they overcook fast!

Take the shrimp out and pour the butter sauce over the top...

The verdict...

I personally would still buy frozen shrimp.

Although, I really wish they guy had some Mahi Mahi, sea bass or grouper.  I will be watching for him next time.

The shrimpies were alot of work, although tasty.  I suggest you try the whole fresh ones, at least once.

Love what you eat and eat what you love!


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