Jacket experimentation and my new owl necklace

Sometimes, the mirror just doesn't cut it.  That is when I like to use my camera to see how various colors and outfits look together.
After seeing so many fantastic color options on Pinterest, I have slowly tried to wean myself away from monotone looks and wear combinations that are slightly outside of my comfort zone.

For this experiment, I wore the same pants, top and boots...just simply changed the jacket.

Like the new hit song,  "Thrift Store", both of these jackets came from the Goodwill...one of my favorite places to shop!   


The Levis denim jacket came from a yard sale several years ago.  The dark brown jacket was new from a boutique last year, but was 75% off, which made it about $24.


I ended up wearing the dark brown jacket. 
 I usually fall back to the matchy color.  
After looking back, I think I kinda like the first (mustardy) jacket better.   

And finally, they cute little guy that I got at Factory Connection.  He is made of real feathers.  $6.99... I just had to have him. 

Wear what makes you feel great!


  1. I like the buttery brown jacket best too. And I think it's funny that the owl motif stuff is making a strong come back. I remember having an owl necklace back in the 7th grade. (but mine was not made with real feathers) :D


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