The striped shirt.

My latest try-on experiment was the striped nautical shirt.  I have seen this style shirt alot lately in fashion photos.  

I knew I liked it, but I had no idea how versatile it can be.  You can dress this shirt up or down so easily and it seems to meld its way into an outfit.

I have to apologize for the dark photos. I think the colors look so much more natural without the flash, so I went with natural lighting.  Unfortunately, it was almost too dark.


I liked both of these looks. The yellow was a punch of color and the chambray is very "in" right now.

These 2 outfits were a little out of my normal zone.  I am starting to really like this army green jacket, it goes well with lots of outfits. 
 The tshirt over the long sleeve shirt is very awesome on others...but I have trouble pulling it off. I liked this tshirt look though!

The orange shirt is very bright, but I liked it with this outfit.  I liked the yellow necklace the best.  The orange is another color that I am not used to wearing, but I liked it.  

I hope that something in this post gives you a spark of inspiration.  :)


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