Grilled tilapia and roasted broccoli. Low cal love.

So today finally got to 70 degrees.  
All I can say is YEEHAW!
Spring is on its way!

Today was Saturday.  It was my perfect night to grill.
The meal I made was very healthy but FULL of flavor!!!

The meal was grilled tilapia 
with BACON and roasted broccoli. 

 For the broccoli, just wash it well,
 and cut it into nice pieces.  Heat oven to 375 degrees.   Add a bit of olive oil, salt and Greek seasoning.  

Cook for about 30 minutes, shake the pan a couple of times while cooking.

It doesn't look alot different after roasting, but tastes amazing and is chock full of vitamins!  :)

This is the tilapia.  I bought it fresh for $5.99 a pound.  It is a really mild fish and very yum.

I added soy sauce to my fish and Worcestershire to Eric's fish, then topped each with one slice of bacon cut in half.  Bacon adds such an awesome flavor and only about 40 calories per slice.

Light the grill and over medium heat...
 put the bacon side down for about 6 minutes, then the other side down for about 6 minutes.

The final product...mine was completely delicious x 10.

Eric's had grilled shrimpies on top...

Love what you eat and eat what you love.  :)


  1. I was already hooked the first time you mentioned tilapia, but put bacon and shrimp into the mix and I'm itching to fire up the grill and cook this. I think this entire post was made specifically to make me hungry. Haha! Thanks for sharing, Jill!


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