Random rainy day outfits.

This past Sunday was a cold, rainy, windy, yucky day.  Boo.  I am sooo ready for spring.  

But anyway,  yucky day off = play in my closet day.

I cut my head out of these pictures.  First off, for me, sometimes it is easier to picture myself in an outfit when the person's head is not showing.  Second off, I had no makeup and had just dried my hair, didn't want to scare anyone.  :)

Therefore, here are some random outfits that I put together...
They all have the same skinny jeans and Madden Girl boots.

These first two have a gray tank underneath a Abercrombie light blue oxford.  

The left has a tan and beige striped Abercrombie sweater over it.  The right has a gray Abercrombie cardigan over it.  All of the tops came either from Goodwill or a yard sale.  Love a bargain Abercrombie.  Their clothes just have such a nice fit to me.

The next 2 have the same peach tank top and multicolored scarf from Maurices (last year).
The peach peacoat is Abercrombie ($5.00 at a yard sale).
The pale green jacket came from Goodwill.  Not sure of the brand.

This last outfit has the same gray cardigan as above but with a navy and beige striped top from Rue 21.  The necklace is vintage faux pearl and crystals.

I look at 100's of pics to get ideas.  I hope these inspire someone out there!  

Happy dressing!  :)


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